Complete feed mill plantsПолностью укомплектованные заводы

Complete feed mill plants

JPT-ProTech AB constructs complete feed plants. We use machinery of our own production or any other brand by customer preference We deliver plants of different price range and outstanding quality. Our maintenance packages guarantee many years of smooth running operation. Our plants meet European technology standard requirements on safe animal feed production.
ATT00175 CIMG05011

Koskenkorva is the most modern feed manufacturing factory in the world. It is constructed to perform in high efficiency, hygiene, reliability and practicality. Annual capacity is 100 000 tons of finished product, grain storage capacity is 7000 tons. The plant can be adjusted for pig, cattle, chicken, fish feed manufacture.
JPT delivered the feed manufacturing plant on a turn-key basis, including the following stages:
– Process design
– Layout constraction
– Manufacture and installation of the steel structures installation of “stressed skin” structure
– Equipment engineering, manufacture, delivery and installation
– Electrical and automation system design and installation
– Testing and commissioning.

Benefits in comparison to plants built by traditional technology:
• Energy-efficient – significantly lower energy consumption
• Hygienic – less process residues
• Reliable – less separate equipment units, what means less maintenance and increases operational reliability
• Lower production costs – high level of automation – less labor costs combined with energy efficiency
• Versatile functionality – possibilities to manufacture wide variety of products

ATT00175 CIMG05011
Включено оборудование и машины по гранулированию или смешиванию. Может поставляться в виде предустановленного компактного завода. Автоматизация систем на всех доступных и возможных уровнях. Подробнее в нашей брошюре Премикс заводы