Bucket elevator



Bucket Elevator JPT EC 80-280

The bucket elevator is available with steel or plastic buckets. The size of the elevator belt is determined by capacity and height of the elevator. The standard lengths of the elements are 2.4 m or 1.2 m, but they can be manufactured according to customer specifications. The elements are connected to each other with bolted joints. The elevator has two service hatches. The structure of the elevator is self-supporting up to 30 m, but it requires lateral support.

The drive stations drive-wheel (D=400 or D=600) is solid and cambered so that the belt is centred on the wheel. The drive motor is a helical shaft motor with a backlash reducer. All parts in contact with the product are made of wear-resistant steel. All parts connected with bolted joints can be easily replaced. All elevators are equipped with an overfilling detector as standard. The drive station is supplied fully assembled.

The tension stations turn wheel (D=400 or D=600) has an open design. The tension station has been developed to meet the highest hygiene demands. The unit is equipped with flange-mounted bearings. The belt can easily be tightened, and the unit is equipped with speed monitoring and alignment sensors as standard equipment. The cleaning and inspection openings are easily accessible. The wheel is positioned at the factory according to the belt and the buckets, so that the amount of residue is reduced to an absolute minimum. The tension station is supplied fully assembled.