Chain conveyors



Chain conveyor JPT CC 200-500

The JPT CC conveyors have a capacity of 5–400 m³/h and their length can be varied according to the project. The chain conveyors’ surface treatment:  powder coated, galvanized or stainless steel

Material thickness:

1. Bottom 3 mm + low friction and wear-resistant plastic 10 mm

2. Side panels 3 mm

3. Intermediate bottom 3 mm + low friction and wear-resistant plastic or, alternatively, supporting rolls

4. Cover 2 mm, either flat or ridged

5. Also Heavy Duty models available

Chain options include a flat chain with welded flights or a drop forged chain with plastic flights or steel flights. The standard lengths of the elements are 2.4 m or 1.2 m, but they can be manufactured according to customer specifications. Each element has an inspection window or hatch. The elements are attached together with bolted joints, floor support spacing is approx. 3 m (maximum 4.8 m).

The drive side chain wheel is made of wear-resistant steel. The drive motor is a helical gear motor, which has a direct drive on the shaft. The chain can also be tightened at the drive side and at the return end. The drive side has a flow monitor that can be used either as a peak period monitor or flow monitor, or both simultaneously.