Cone silos

JPT offers a wide range of grain storage capacity from 10 tons to 12 000 tons. Our silos used for long-term storage of large quantities of grain, seeds, pellets and granulates.

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We offer a wide range of models, with 4.60 m in diameter and 5.87 meters in height up to 32.08 meters in diameter and 27.34 meters in height, which are designed in accordance with ANSI / ASAE EP 422 and DIN 1055 05 / 87 standards and are manufactured from stainless steel S350GD, with galvanization of 450 g / m2. Silos can be supplied with all kinds of accessories, such as ladders, inspection hatch in the roof or cylinder, handrails, support, monitoring the temperature of the discharge screws, etc.

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