About us


JPT-ProTech AB does process engineering in f .
JPT-ProTech AB has personal approach to every customer and provides best suitable solutions of very high quality for best prices. JPT-ProTech AB is a reliable partner with expertise in industrial machines manufacturing and solid knowledge in electronics and automation. We carry out supply of all equipment and services from construction to commissioning as well as following maintenance of both small and very large projects. We provide routine care and prophylactic measures of plant equipment, which guarantees the perfect functioning of our equipment. JPT-ProTech AB offers solutions for animal (fish, broilers, pigs, cattle) feed manufacturing. JPT’s product selection includes complete feed manufacturing plants in different sizes, from farms to industrial production. It’s our principles: high efficiency, hygiene, reliability and practicality -that help us developing outstanding manufacturing solutions and equipment. All our equipment is designed individually for each customer, it’s tested and ready to perform. We deliver our projects on “turn-key” basis, including commissioning and client’s staff training. JPT-ProTech AB specialization areas:

  • animal feed industry
  • pellet fuel industry
  • cereal storage & processing
  • engineering and construction
  • all services from project design phase to production stage.

We manufacture and install, among other:

  • dosing systems for powdered products and liquids
  • feeder systems
  • dust removal systems
  • screw, chain and belt conveyors, elevators
  • pellet mills
  • scales
  • silos